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Which perspectives do I have?


How do I reinvent myself? My life? My career?


What do I want? What is substantial to me? Which decisions will I make?


What is the purpose of my life? What is my vision?


What is my path?


Who am I?

Find clarity, new perspectives and reinvent yourself!


Coaching & Counseling

I facilitate processes where you can reflect upon various issues, problems and decisions you want or need to make. Coaching will help to look at any issue from a meta-level and find clarity and solutions.


Motivlandschaft is a compact coaching-process where you can discover your essence unveiling your purpose in life, your deeply embedded life interests, your talents and potential. You will be able to find out what you „really really“ want in life, what you love to do and how to integrate your potential in your daily life. Some people even want to reinvent themselves after their Motivlandschaft-process.

Systemic Constellation Work

With constellation work, you can look at any issue from a new perspective and find solutions. Constellation work is the tool of choice when you face complicated issues or if you have to make an important decision. Constellation work is offered in groups or one-on-one.


  • at my practice in the west of Vienna
  • in one of Vienna’s famous cafés
  • during beautiful a walk in nature
  • via Skype
  • via phone
  • via Email


  • at my practice in the west of Vienna
  • in one of Vienna’s famous cafés
  • via Skype
  • via phone
  • via Email

At my practice in the west of Vienna. I can also organize a group of people if you like to work with a group.

How often?
In general, many issues can be reflected upon within one session. Some issues may need more sessions

How often?
There are two steps during the Motivlandschaft. During the first session, you will explore your Motivlandschaft. This takes about two to three hours. During the second session, you will analyze your Motivlandschaft. This also takes about two hours.

How often?
In general, you will have one constellation session for one issue. Some issues need may need more sessions

If you are interested in my work as a keynote speaker and future consultant for organizations please visit my company’s website at:


About Xerxes

I am an internationally certified coach, counselor and organization developer. I was born in Teheran, online life coachingwas raised in Vienna and studied and lived in many countries from the USA to India. I work in coaching, counseling and consulting for more than 10 years now. I have studied philosophy, politics and economics for my bachelor’s and counseling for my master’s degree. Furthermore, I was educated in traditional oriental medicine, family constellation work and transpersonal psychology. My approach is holistic. Currently, I am based in Vienna and work as a pulser and pilot for people and organizations who wish to reinvent.


I appreciate Xerxes’ calmness and concentration. I always feel in good hands. His trust into his intuition and give him the ability to combine know-how with improvisation, thereby providing the most appropriate intervention to a given person at a given moment and circumstance. Nicolas H., consultant

I have experienced such profound healing with Xerxes. He has such an intuitive, dynamic approach that we were able to work on many levels. I am so grateful for my experiences with him. Kelly M., yoga teacher

Working with Xerxes is fulfilling and gratifying. From the first day, you will find someone with great human values who can attend your case. He has the ability to hear you and with an open mind gives proper and rational advice. I felt that my case was being taken care of with interest and in professional terms and I knew right away that my money was well invested. I deeply recommend taking the opportunity to work with him. Juan C., diplomat

Coaching Office


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What is a coach?

Someone you assists you to

  • find the right answers
  • see clearly what you want
  • find ways and technics how to do it.

What can a coach help me with?

I can help you finding all your answers to the questions at the top of this website. Furthermore, I can show you ways how to change things in your life in case you wish to do so.

How long have you been a coach for and why are you doing this?

I am a coach for twelve years now. While I was working as a business consultant I realized that I would like to serve people on a more personal level and decided to become a coach.

Are you a career coach?

One of my specialities is to assist people finding out what their deeply embedded life interests are and what they want to dedicate their life to. I also work with people who want to start-up their own business and use the Business Modell Generation „method“ for this. I don’t do psychological testing or try to find jobs for my clients.

Isn’t it a bit strange to work with a coach?

It is as much so as it is to work with a sports coach. Why do athletes work with a sports coach? You can apply your answer to life- and business- coaching as well.

Is there a difference to therapy or counseling?

If there is a clear-cut difference, then you can say that therapy is for people with a (mental) disease. Counseling is for healthy people but usually focused on the past. Coaching focuses on the here and now and on creating a bright future.

Who are your clients?

So far I been working with with people from all walks of life. Recently an increasing number of expats and people in leadership work with me.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

That is dependent on the topic. Sometimes one, often two or three. Usually less than ten.

How do I know a life coaching is good for me?

Check your gut feeling. Get in touch with the coach. Check your gut feeling again 😉

Will I recover the investment I put into coaching?

Definitely! Of course, it matters how you to measure it but usually my clients say that the result of the coaching sessions is so much more worth than what the price is.

What will you do with my personal information?

Being discreet is the highest value in coaching. This is how I perceive it. Emails are stored in my email archive. I delete them if you wish. If you like me to make any notes I use highly encrypted folders to store them.

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